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Critique essay

Critique essays or criticism essays demand a lot from a writer

critique essayWhen you are asked to analyze the points in an essay, you are forced to make a thorough study of the various points involved before you begin. While writing a critique essay, you will find that there is more to it than meets the eye. In the first place you need to understand the underlying theme before you start writing a piece of critiquing on it. Our essay writing service can put you on the right track or help you buy essay of criticism any time. In fact a custom dissertation is also within your reach when you get in touch with us.

Some points to remember while critiquing a piece of writing

1/         Complete comprehension

Some teachers would aver that this is a gross understatement. There is no doubt that you cannot criticize something without actually getting to know about it fully. Let us imagine that you are writing a critiquing piece in Marketing. You are actually making a critical study of a marketing strategy that has been proposed. It is essential that you know all about the strategy, the good and the bad etc before you take a final call and bring in points of criticism. This is why critique essays need to be addressed in a way that is quite different from ordinary ones.

2/         Clarity of thought

You cannot afford to do a flip-flop once you have decided on critiquing something. It is necessary that you pull yourself together and put everything in the right perspective. This is where your powers of analytical thought and writing come to the fore. Try to outline all the points that you wish to bring out in your criticism and list out your points in a sequential and logical manner. This is sure to make the right impact on your reader who is actually wondering how and why you have taken a particular stand on an issue.

3/         Supported statements

This is another detail that is of great importance in a critique essay. Let us look at a marketing strategy that you are trying to critique. Remember that when you are putting some points together they need to be supported by hard evidence. If you are asserting that a particular factor or element in the strategy is not suitable to the product being marketed, you need to have adequate back up info. This is the only way that you can make the right impression on your reader.

Over a period of time, you will realize that critiquing a piece of writing, book, play or film is indeed an art. On the one hand you are trying to capture the essence of the topic in question and on the other you are trying to highlight the weak points in the same area. It is almost like tightrope walking when you are working on critique essays. You do need to take the help of experts if you want to get this off the road in one piece. Take time to understand the whole thing before you begin so that you can put things down carefully and logically. Call us when you need more assistance.