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Critical Essay

The origin of critical essay can be envisaged from centuries back. However the present state of this form of write-ups was done only a few hundred years back. This form of thesis essay is an ideal food for thought for the literature enthusiasts. It tries to evaluate, analyze and give feedback to the literary works. It can include a novel, prose or a poem or as a matter of fact anything that suits the fancy of the literature lovers. However, it may pose a daunting task for those who are not good in serious literary works.

It is rightly said that “time will tell”. Actually after some practice and understanding anyone can write such an academic essay. A few tips can also be helpful for such beginners. First you must know that this type of essays deals with a particular literature. Hence, the first job will be to read the literature thoroughly. Read more than once to get a feel of the subject. Mark the areas which you think is relevant. Also keep notes of the areas which you agree upon or disagree completely. This practice will save you lot of time in the future. In this paper you can write about the literature in the way you feel about it and give your feedback. If you are writing essay in a descriptive style then it will also analyze the text of the literature. You can also give critical analysis of how the literature fits into the present genre. This will be easy if you particular interest in the time element of literature.

However, you can evaluate the literature if you prefer to give your own viewpoint. It will give the reader a viewpoint on the subject. You can include the pros and cons of the book, but ensure to support it with substantial information and observation. If you try to portray the meaning of the literature then you can try the interpretive style. Here you need to bring across the inner meanings of the text, the metaphors and the references used in the book. An argumentative essay like this does not mean that you have to give criticism. What you need to do is present a case study of the text. It will give the reader an opportunity to look at the book from a different angle. Both the readers and authors will benefit from such papers. Learn more about how to write essay, business essay and business plan essay.

In the present day critical essay one sees lot of changes. It tries to give a fair mix of appreciation and sets the discussion in reference to contemporary political and cultural platform. The papers are now more grounded to the text and have more affinity to the psychological and sociological aspect of the text. Though at times a paper can be too critical and gets inflamed, but it still remains a significant part of the text. Such types of critical papers are always welcome in the literary society, because it gives them food for thought and help them to come up with newer ideas and thoughts.