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Essay Competitions – Test Your Writing Skills!

Entering into essay competitions can be influential in the development of your writing skills. They generally may have less requirements but their importance can be vital if you are a true lover of competition and have a keen interest in writing different kind of compositions. The knowledge of the writer is equally tested as the competing ability and creativity of the person. It is challenging and exhilarating in nature with great impetus for the contestants.

The research topics for such competitions are usually predetermined or they can be impromptu. In most cases the topic will be subjective, but you can also come across contests which have an objective aspect associated with its topic. As well, the mix of writers will help to spruce-up the contest with different views and writing styles. The judges usually have a tough time adjudicating it. Hence they follow a few simple guidelines. First, they will start with the introduction and read the first few lines. If those are up to the mark and are captivating then they will read the rest of the essay. They will also examine your writing style, grammar and word usage. The conclusion of the paper is treated with similar interest. This portion of the composition will give a synopsis of the entire paper and its main ideas. It will also touch upon the arguments, examples and the central theme of the paper.

The feeling of such compositions are quite personal in nature and, as a matter of fact, there is no right or wrong way of looking at issue. Every individual has their own viewpoint and own set of thoughts. But the key is how they can substantiate it and give the logical structure to it. Not all are able to do so. The primary reason for this is the lack of knowledge and the inability to plan the critical essay. The structuring of the paper will start from the beginning when you have received the topic. You need to research on the aspects of the paper and start creating a framework for it. It may be quite rough and crude at first, but you can always rectify this once you have more information. You must be able to comprehend what is required of you to write in the paper. Once you are aware of this idea you can easily proceed further. Follow the links to learn more about something that might be very important, namely about college topic essay, college application essay and essay writing useful tips.

The essay competition is also a great opportunity for those who are afraid of writing a composition. The sheer energy of the contest will help them loose their inhibition in writing, for example, a narrative essay. It is a great way to boost your skills and a platform for you to enhance your writing abilities. Do not feel shy to experiment with ideas. It always gives fire to your creativity.