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Classification Essay – Grouping Things

Since your pre-school learning, you have learned how to classify things by grouping them according to colors, shapes and sizes. Now that you have reached maturity and you already know how to identify profile factors of objects, it is much easier to write a classification essay based on these parameters. A classification essay is simply an essay that intends to present grouping segments according to a certain notion.

When you write a classification essay based on personal essay topics, it is important that you delegate in your thesis statement the factor that you wish to use for classification. For example, if you want to tell a story about your experiences in using books written by Shakespeare, you may present a thesis statement saying that it is possible to classify the author’s works based on the factor of realism in the fictional works.

A classification essay must also have a certain division of paragraphs based on the number of classified objects. This means that you can actually use each paragraph to explain your decision in classification a certain group from another. This is like writing a descriptive essay that presents the characteristics of the objects and then group them according to the thesis statement factor.

It is important that you build a certain degree of division among the objects being discussed in the classification essay. This division can help you to better separate those inject that belong to one criterion from the other factors. Some middle school writing prompts may even require you to integrate the difference and contrasting profiles of the objects at hand.

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