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Make your College Prowler essay competition entries meaningful

Taking part in the College Prowler essay competition gives a student a chance to earn a decent sum of money to help him at some stage of his education or the other. In order to take part in this competition there are no major eligibility criteria that he or she needs to take care of. All that a student needs to do is to find the website through which you can apply and then fill up the entry form. You need to be a student of a college or university in America in order to qualify for the contest. The College Prowler competition rules are not very complicated; you can understand them quite easily

How do you prepare for the College Prowler essay writing competition?

1/-       The first thing that you have to look for are the rules of essay writing that are laid down by the firm that conducts and offers these scholarship contests. Just like other scholar ship contests, there are some basic rules about the kind of entries that you send in. For instance, the rule of plagiarism is one that is common to all contests. Any contestant found engaging in any act of plagiarism could be fined or debarred from taking part in the College Prowler essay competitions. In fact, this is quite similar to a high school essay contest or any other award-winning contest conducted for school and college students.

2/-       As far as the writing of the essay is concerned, you need to be sure that you do not make statements that are biased or show any kind of fundamentalist leanings. No evaluator is going to take kindly to your statements about a particular ethnic group of people. For instance, there is a growing tendency to look with suspicion at those who follow Islam. There are many who believe that most Moslems are terrorists. You cannot afford to make such statements in your essay. This would be like a case of prejudice essay writing rather than an objective view of some other topic.

3/-       Reading books on topics that are in the news could help you contribute to the College Prowler essay competition substantially. Of course, you cannot take it for granted that the essay question would be on a subject that you have been reading about. Whatever the topic of the contest is going to be, it is necessary for you to employ the right kind of essay writing technique, if you want to get through. In other words, go through the essay writing examples that are on this site to get a better idea of what a good essay should be like.

All competitions are a test of capability and endurance. You need to be able to concentrate on the topic and come up with the right kind of ideas and structure. This is the only way to ensure that your College Prowler essay competition entry makes it to the top slot. Give us a chance and we will surely help you win.

Write drinking and driving essays that are straightforward and effective

Write a drinking and driving essay that makes a reader sit up and think. If you are keen on becoming a good essay writer with captivating essays and topics to your credit, we could show you the way. It is certainly not a challenging task for anyone to get to that level, provided there is an urge to learn writing techniques the right way. Since we have excellent and experienced writers to guide you, essay writing could become less tiresome than it has been till now. Whether it is an essay on drinking and driving or an essay on health is wealth, we can help you do it well.

Explaining the problems of drinking and driving

Water and oil do not mix; it is the same with drinking and driving too. You cannot hope to be in your right senses if you are under the influence of alcohol. In any of the drinking and driving essays that you write, it is important that you explain the basic problem first. You could give an explanation in medical terms that describes the problem completely. It would give your reader some info on how alcohol works in a bad way on the brain and leads a drunken driver to make grave errors. Whether it is during the day or the night, drunken driving is dangerous. When you write a night essay on driving and concentrate on the antics of drunken party revelers, it could make people aware of the repercussions of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Here are some points that you can include on your essay on drinking and driving

1/-       Make sure that the problem is explained clearly using medical terms where necessary. It could lend credibility to your essay.

2/-       Do not sound like a Sunday school teacher – preaching doesn’t help; try presenting valid reasons why a person should follow rules about drinking and driving. This would work better.

3/-       Since there are many who would not like to accept the fact that they have a drink problem, you need to put it across in a clear and subtle way. You could make use of real-life case studies to emphasize your point of view in the drinking and driving essay that you write.

4/-       In some way or the other, every one of us has a sense of responsibility to others around us. This sense of responsibility goes by the wayside where an alcoholic is concerned. For this person, responsibility is not an issue at all, since it does not figure on his or her agenda. Your responsibility essay on the ill-effects of alcoholism could certainly help create a sense of awareness among readers and help them spread the word around as well.

All drinking and driving essays could be considered effectual only when they inspire some kind of responsive thoughts in the reader. It is true that one cannot reform an alcoholic overnight. However, if there is a sense of awareness that the person displays, it means that your essay has been effective; thereby proving that it is well written.

SAT essay topics – a good way to test your critical thinking skills

In order to excel at your SATs you need to understand the way in which the SAT essay topic is framed. You also need to know how to approach the essay. The essay topic is not one that is given as a phrase or a word. For instance, you do not get a topic for your SAT essay like this: Abortion, Global warming, Gay rights, Death penalty. The topics are not as straightforward as this. Instead, you need to read through the whole topic which is in two parts. The two parts of the topic are explained as follows. Make sure you understand the right kind of essay writing technique when you write these essays.

First part of the topic – Prompt

This consists of either one statement or a couple of statements. The prompt usually consists of a proverb or a quotation of some eminent personality. You might have a quotation that is attributed to people like Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, King or any other well known personality. When you look at most of the SAT essay topics that have appeared in the recent past, the prompts are statements that literally try to galvanize thought and bring about a kind of awakening in the writer. It is truly a prompt, in every sense of the word!

Second part of the topic – Assignment

In this part of the topic, there are questions that are posed to you based on the statements that have been made in the prompt. For instance, if the prompt says – Necessity is the mother of invention – the questions could be as follows. What is your take on this statement? Does this mean that innovation and improvements are all born of necessities? Use examples and case studies to strengthen your answer. When you look closely at the assignment part of the topic for SAT essays, you realize that this is certainly not like the high school essay contest that you took part in some time ago. It is a lot more complex than that.

Analysis is the key

The key to writing on even the most difficult of SAT essay topics is to understand the techniques of analytical thinking and writing. You need to pore over the statement or the prompt to understand the latent meaning and impact of the same. In other words, a high level of critical thinking is required. Some would refer to this as a critical lens essay – a piece of writing where you try to look at a specific perspective by delving into the meaning of the statement. This calls for a whole new kind of approach to essay writing, which is what the SAT essay is all about. It is a concerted effort to bring out the critical thinker in you, not just in one perspective, but in a complete or holistic way.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand that every SAT essay topic is unique in its own way. Whatever the topic may be about, it requires critical thought and careful analysis from beginning to end. Go through our samples to understand more on this.

Persuade readers to accept your viewpoint in well written critical lens essays

Looking at a problem through a unique perspective – this is what a critical lens essay contains. You need to be concise and focused when you write this. Any critical lens theory essay is one wherein you are trying to get the reader to look at the whole issue from your point of view. The lens is yours and you are looking through it critically.  This is a technique that is commonly used in the study of English Language and Literature. You can find assignments based on this kind of essay writing in many exams at college and university levels.

The features of an essay that is based on the critical lens theory

1/-       A thorough understanding of the statement is required. Usually, when a quote is required to be analyzed, it is one that consists of two or more components. It could be a literary reference that actually encourages divergent views. Therefore, the critical lens quote, as it is commonly known, needs to be understood thoroughly, if you want to do justice to the critical lens essays that you write.

2/-       The next important step that one needs to take is the actual writing of the essay. Remember, you first need to rewrite the quote in your own way so that you can indicate that you have understood it thoroughly. You need to reduce it into smaller portions so that the reader of the essay is able to see that you are capable of critical analysis of a statement.

3/-       From this quote, it is now time to select a few phrases or words that can be critically examined. Make sure you understand these words thoroughly. If you try to pick words just because they sound like those that can be analyzed, it could land you in trouble. Once you have these words or phrases, find the right kind of backup or supporting quotes from other similar or classic works. Now, this could be quite a feat if you do not read at length. Get in touch with us if you are looking for the right kind of backup.

4/-       The next part of the critical lens essay is to provide a more detailed explanation of the points that you would like to make. In other words, this section is a detailed explanation of what you have proposed in the earlier one. Make a point by point presentation with the relevant backup quotes and citations.

5/-       Once you are through with this, tie up all the loose ends and reiterate the viewpoint that you made at the beginning. If you have a bit of very strong evidence, keep it for the end. It would give your evaluator cause to believe that you are on the right track. It would also try to get him or her to think from your perspective – a perspective that you have worked on right through the essay.

Write intelligent and pointed arguments in your critical lens essays and convince the reader that you know your topic right down to the very last detail. When you run up against a wall; give us a call!

Learn all the essay writing techniques to ensure that your grades go north

Learning the essay writing technique right is one of the most important academic tasks that a student has to learn and master; we could help you do it. Though there is a whole load of technology driven aids to improve your writing, it is vital to pick up the basics of good essay writing from professionals like us. Instead of going around in circles trying to find the right kind of professional to teach you the art of essay writing, take a good look of our comprehensive website. It would give you all that you are looking for in the best possible format so that you are able to keep these tips in mind while working.

7 steps to a better essay

First step

Right at the beginning, you need to get a bit organized. Try to put into proper perspective, the various processes that together form the essay writing techniques to be used. Going into the details of the topic, getting ideas on what to work on, organizing these ideas, writing them out and then editing the same –these are the steps involved. Try to organize this procedure and decide on how and when you will carry out the same.

Second step

Begin the note-making phase. Keep jotting down all the keywords, questions, subtopics, pictures, important phrases and definitions that keep popping into your mind. Once you have a list, you can organize them into usable lists.

Third step

The outline or template is the third phase of the operations. This is a special essay writing technique you need to learn and apply well. Remember the kind of style you need and base your template on it. Also take into account the various components – the thesis statement, the body, the discussion and the conclusion.

Fourth step

Build each stage. Now that you have the template, you can begin work on each of the stages mentioned. Remember that transitional phrases and words are required in each of the sections; these should be strategically placed. Get to know more about this from the essay writing procedure on our website.

Fifth step

Sequential presentation should be ensured – so check for this now. There should be no jerks in the narration and there should be a smooth flow of information. If this is not present, edit it in such a way to ensure that the evaluator has no doubt that you are well informed.

Sixth step

The icing on the cake is the checking of the cohesion and relevance angle. If you are not sure about this checking procedure, which is the most important of all essay writing practices, you could be in trouble.

Seventh step

Proofreading, editing and revision – these are the final steps; but important nevertheless. Correct your essay if there are errors of grammar, spelling, syntax, etc.

If you are still not too sure about the essay writing techniques that have to be followed, we are more than eager to offer our services to you at reasonable rates. Call us now for more help.

Writing a good night essay could help you showcase your talents as a writer

Why is it that the word ‘night’ conjures up all sorts of ideas; ideas that are strange, exciting and above all different from the normal train of thought? This is certainly food for thought. To each one of us, the night or in other words, the last part of a day, could mean different things. To the tired housewife, it could mean a well deserved rest. To the student who is determined to have a good time, it could be the best time to party. To the policeman who is on duty in a crime-ridden neighborhood, it could mean a hard night’s job. Whatever it may be, it is certainly interesting and challenging to find the right kind of topic for your night essay.

We could suggest some topics for a night essay

1/-    Nights – the time to observe the supernatural

One does not think about ghosts and unearthly happenings during the day. Pictures of a haunted house or building seem scary only during the night. Now, why is that? If you could go through a supposedly haunted building in the daytime, you would not find anything out of the ordinary. Your essay could focus on whether or not the night enhances the scariness or makes a person more afraid of the unknown.

2/-    Nighttime and children

There are quite a few children who have a lot of difficulty getting to sleep. This could be due to a number of reasons. A little study into the behavioral psychology of children of varying ages could help you get a good and clear perspective for such night essays. Get in touch with us if you are looking for some hard scientific facts to support your statements.

3/-    Fear of the night, fear of the dark

Many children and sometimes even adults are scared of the dark. Going from one room into another where the lights are not on, could bring on a panic attack in some people. There could be incidents or memories that exist at sub-conscious level in the minds of these people. These could be the cause for such fears that cannot be otherwise explained.

4/-   Day and Night

This could be one of the many night essay topics that you could write on. It would be ideal for a middle school student who is asked to imagine an ideal day and night. If you want to make your night essay a little more serious and involved, you could look at a different aspect altogether. You could go into the scientific details of days and nights and examine the behavior of various animals or birds at various times.

Masterpapers.com has been involved with student writing for a very long time. Apart from providing customized services in a wide variety of writing, this premier service can edit your work too. Whether you want help on night essays, nursing essays, college essays or any other essay topics you can think of, this firm can provide it all. Our rates are quite reasonable and you will be happy to associate with our expert writers.

Write food essays with our help and ensure their quality

There are many things that one could write about food. If you are sure about the topic, you could prepare for your essay quite easily. Writing a food essay and making sure that it is interesting and informative, requires preparation and time; we can help you with a good one. We understand that most students are able to write a good essay provided they have some basic information to use. The other main requirement is the essay topic. When you have a topic in hand, it becomes quite easy to collect information, because you have an issue to focus on.

To make things easy for you, here is a list of essay topics on food that you could use

1/-   Food and nutrition

Very few people are concerned about the nutritive value of the food they eat. There is a lot of junk food being consumed by young people today. Your essay could focus on this and suggest a way by which one could keep track of the non-nutritive items we eat and how this could be avoided.

2/-   Food, the most basic of human necessities

Though we are all aware of the fact that quite a few food essays can be written on the basic necessity of any creature – food – it is not always an easy task. Instead of talking about food as a necessity, one could focus on how to make this necessity available to a wider section of people for their entire lifetimes. This would be like concentrating on the world hunger issue, but it would certainly be relevant to food and its availability.

3/-   Food for a baby

There is always a lot of debate on what a child should eat at various stages of its childhood. For instance, most of us in the developed and developing world realize the value of breast milk as the sole source of nutrients. There are some who aver that the intake of food with sugar could damage the digestive and immune systems of the child when consumed in large quantities during infancy. Some others advocate the avoidance of animal products. There are always animated discussions on what children should eat. Focus your essay on food topics like this in your essay to make in informative and illuminating for the reader.

4/-   Organic foods

Everything organic seems to be the rage today. People want to eat whole grain foods, organically grown vegetables and fruits and so on. Pick out three or four food items and suggest ways of growing them organically in your food essay. You could also describe the checks that people have to ensure that the organic label is genuine.

5/-    Food supplements

Sportspersons are supposedly on some sort of food supplement or the other. There are many who consume muscle inducing drinks and tablets. Performance enhancers seem to be a vital part of a sportsperson’s diet. Considering all this, your essay could be written like an investigative piece of writing.

Food essays need to be interesting to read, irrespective of the academic level. It is always good to know what kind of food is cooked and eaten in different parts of world. Get info from us to make your essay a piece to be savored!

Most essays on health is wealth can be boring if they don’t have fresh inputs

An essay on health is wealth is probably one of the commonest tasks that a student is entrusted with at school level. You need a fresh perspective to keep the essay interesting. Now that is the problem; how do you find a new or interesting fact to put into an old and much-used topic? This is where we come in – Masterpapers.com is the best place to find tips that can make a boring essay completely different, with a few master strokes. Apart from the tips we give students, we also offer our services as editors and proofreaders. This ensures that your essays are better than those of your peers.

Think of some of these new ideas for your health is wealth essay

1.   Abraham Maslow and the age-old adage

In a paper titled, A Theory of human Motivation, Abraham Maslow propounded his theory of a hierarchy of needs. He asserted that a person would need to fulfill basic needs before he moved on to higher-order needs such as self-esteem, morality and creativity. In line with this, health would be a basic priority; the creation of wealth would follow later on. Health is therefore not just wealth, but much more valuable. Your essay could explore the adage and relate it to Maslow’s theory.

2.   Health is wealth – a teenager’s perspective

Writing essays on health is wealth seem to be quite at divergence with the views of most teenagers today. Fast bikes, loud music, trendy clothes and the attractive opposite sex – these are things that occupy the minds of most teenagers today. Therefore, if you were to do a small survey of the teen thoughts on this topic, you will find that they are quite different from those of grownups. It would be an interesting perspective to explore and write on.

3.   Can health be sacrificed for wealth?

This is indeed a scary question; but it is one that is being repeatedly debated among various groups of people. In these times of economic problems, to a large extent, survival depends on the amount of money you can earn. One does not have much time to take care of health problems that could be plaguing them for a very long time. At some point, a decision is taken where health has to take a backseat. When you write your essay on health is wealth, you could examine this debate and present views of different people on the issue.

Writing essays on health is wealth

Though this might sound like an easy topic, it is always better to talk to different groups and strata of people to begin with. This is the best way that you can get an idea of what makes people tick – health, wealth or both! Try to go through our essay examples and you will find some useful suggestions too.

An essay on health is wealth is not all that difficult if you are prepared to take into account the various perspectives of diverse groups of people. Also remember that our writing experts can give you tips to freshen up your essay with interesting inputs and anecdotes.

A view from the bridge essays – explore various themes and ideas to make your essays interesting

What are the essay topics for A view from the bridge? How can I write an essay on A view from the bridge? A view from the bridge essay – what themes can I write a commentary on? These are just some of the many questions that keep going through a student’s mind when he or she is asked to write an essay on one of Arthur Miller’s most famous plays. The best way to understand and formulate a structure for your essay is to read the play from beginning to end. Now, we do understand that you are under tremendous pressure to complete your assignments, which could be both writing as well as presentation tasks. Therefore, we suggest that you get in touch with our reps for better and quicker solutions.

Think of these topics for your A view from the bridge essays

1/-  A view from the bridge – is there justice of some sort?

Though there tensions of different sorts that are explored in the play, it is obvious that there is an underlying theme of ‘justice to be delivered’ that one can comment on. There are so many difficulties that the characters experience right through the play. The struggles are sometimes with others and in many cases with their own consciences as well. Your essay could explore the different kinds of justices that are meted out to different people in the play.

2/-  Palpable tensions

Right through the play there is a feeling that everybody’s emotions are on edge and there is kind of ‘troubled air’ that pervades the whole setting. The tensions that are demonstrated are mainly causes by the conflicting emotions that run between the characters as well as within them. your essay could be an interesting and insightful look at the way in which Arthur Miller portrays, justifies and explains these tensions.

3/-  A study in reflection

One almost gets the feeling that the whole play is a kind of reflective piece of writing. One wonders whether Miller is trying to reflect on his own past and literally present a view from afar – a bridge, if you like! This is an interesting perspective that you could look into while writing A view from the bridge essay.

4/-  Chauvinism in society

In the stratum of society that Miller has used for the setting of the play, the interplay of male chauvinism and interpersonal relationships seem to be almost taken for granted. Eddie Carbonne as the main character displays a certain degree of aggression and chauvinism, which seem to be accepted at various levels. You could comment on this in your essay and use the societal mores as your background. This would make your essay quite interesting and different from the rest that are submitted.

Remember that when you work on an essay like this, your views need to be refreshing and informative at the same time. Get in touch with us and we will make sure that your A view from the bridge essay is educative, interesting and unique.

Write play essays that bring in fresh insights and ideas

If you could watch a play and understand it completely, you could surely write a good play essay without any difficulty. Of course, it depends to a large extent on the subject of the play and the intentions that the playwright had when he or she wrote it. Very often there are avant-garde or modern writers who have complex messages that they wish to convey through their plays. Here, one needs to read the play a couple of times, watch it if possible and then begin work on the essay. Of course, if you don’t have the time, you could always order an essy with us.

Before you write an essay on a play it would be interesting and relevant for you to figure out the topics that you could write on. Needless to say, if you choose a topic that is like a descriptive essay of the play, it could be quite uninteresting and common. Instead, you need to think of certain aspects of the play or story that could awaken in the minds of the reader; an eagerness and spark to understand the play in a new light.

When you write an essay about a play, think of these topics

1/-  The playwright

Understanding the playwright is possibly the best way to understanding the play. You could focus extensively on the life of the playwright in your play essays. If you are keen on understanding the psyche of the writer, it is necessary to know relevant details about the person’s background. You also need to know about the society that he lived in and the people he wrote about. Examine whether there is any autobiographical element in his plays. You could also find out if his characters bear any resemblance to people who are living or dead.

2/-  The period and setting of the play

If you are going to write an essay about a play written by Shakespeare, you would have to know quite a lot about the Elizabethan era in which he lived and wrote. The setting of the play has a lot to do with the time in which the story is set. When a play is re-enacted, the settings, props, costumes and other relevant issues need to be handled in such a way the original ideas are in place.

3/-  Themes

When you read a play for the very first time, there is very little chance that you can observe and garner the various themes that are portrayed in the play. It is necessary to actually study the play in great detail if you want to write a play essay. There could be several themes that you could write about. For instance, when you read Shakespeare’s great tragedy, King Lear, there are themes of retribution, greed and the fragility of human relationships. Your essay could examine one or more of these themes.

Reading, watching and understanding a play could ensure that all your play essays are excellent and insightfully written. Our literary writers could delve deep into the play to get you pertinent data that can add value to your essay.