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Biology essay is one of the most wide-spread types of scientific assignments, it involves two different pieces of writing: practical coursework and written assignment.

Like any other type of a research writing biology essay implies conducting some sort of experiment whose results are then reflected in your writing.

Before you begin working on your project think of comprehensive guidelines on how to set out your paper. As an outline a coursework is marked in four skill areas including planning, obtaining, analyzing, and evaluating.

– biology essay is first and foremost should have a title for your which will reflect what you are trying to find out;

– write a prediction using your knowledge of science;

– write a method that will test the idea in your title. It is advisable to write it as instructions so that you won’t miss out important details;

– say which factors will be kept the same and which factors you’re going to change;

– say what you’re going to measure and what instrument you’ll use;

– describe how you’ll keep your experiment safe;

– choose appropriate equipment.

In the results of your experiment record your measurements and observations and think whether they are accurate and whether you’ve got enough results to plot five points on a graph.

Conclude biology essay with what you’ve discovered from your results and whether your conclusion fits your prediction. Your conclusion should be explained using scientific knowledge.

In the evaluation the following questions should be answered:

1. How accurate were my results?

2. Which results didn’t fit the pattern?

3. In case you did the experiment again in what way would you improve it?

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