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Art history term papers writing tips

At the heart of each art history term paper is the analysis of one or more works of art which generally involves presenting an argument about something visual. To guide students in how they can do such writing successfully it is suggested that they start with the visual observation which will lead to the development of a thesis or topic. Used in the paper should be visual observations supporting the argument about form of art analyzed.

Close visual analysis assignments are usually the most wide-spread tasks in the art history course. This means you are expected to look at works of art and analyze them providing a clear interpretation of the object. The argument for your writing must be backed up with the careful analysis and description of visual evidence which leads you to the reasonable conclusion.

While studying the work of art ask questions. Consider in what way each element contributes to the overall meaning of the artwork. How are these elements related to each other”It is also advisable to use criteria to complete your analysis including space, forms, composition, color, line, texture, light, and physical characteristics.

Keep in mind that an art term paper involves an argument which needs to be supported with elements from the image analyzed. Make sure your writing is not a mere description. Choose details which will further the overall purpose of your paper.

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