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Application Essay Outline

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An application essay is an important step faced by everybody who wants to enter a university. While there is no winning formula for gaining admission to a higher education establishment, there still exist a number of ways to ensure rejection.

To stand out, your writing should not only demonstrate your ability to write structured prose but it also has to reflect your character and personality that compels admission officers to accept you.

These top ten writing tips are able to turn your work into an outstanding piece of writing.

1. Use your own voice. Very often big words distract from the essay making it sound contrived.

2. Try to be interesting and creative. The best way to grip the audience is to begin your submission paper with a captivating snapshot.

3. Use personal detail. Remember that good essays are always grounded in personal detail.

4. Try to be concise. Preference should be given to short sentences as they are direct and relate to the point.

5. Your paper shouldn’t include slang terms, contradictions and clich├ęs.

6. Use Active Voice Verbs.

7. While working on your project keep the following questions in mind:

– Have I managed to answer the question?

– Does the introduction of my admission paper engage the reader?

– Do the introduction and conclusion of my paper avoid summary?

– What parts of my paper need elaboration?

– What does this paper reveal about my personality?

– Does your conclusion correspond to the purpose of your essay?

8. Seek multiple opinions.

9. Make sure each sentence in your work exists to answer the question.

10. Improve your submission paper by revising it for few times.

Briefly, your paper can be truly magnificent thanks to our professionals who used to ensure top quality of each written paper.