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APA Style Research Paper


APA style research paper is a type of scientific writing that is created in compliance with the style guidelines developed by the American Psychological Association, commonly referred to as APA. Revised in compliance with the 5th edition of the APA manual, this resource offers examples for general format of APA essay, footnotes, citations, and reference pages.

Following general APA requirements your APA style research paper should be typed on standard sized paper with margins of one inch on all sides. The final writing should include as many of the sections as are applicable in the order indicated below:

– page numbers: the upper right-hand corner of each page should include a version of your title and the page number;

– abstract: if required write an overview of your essay that should include your main points and main idea. The abstract should be placed on its own page after the title page;

– headings: capitalize each word in the heading except short prepositions, articles and coordinating conjunctions;

– visuals: they include charts, graphs, photos and drawings. Try to keep them as simple as possible;

– list of references: it should be created on its own page following the last page of your text. Alphabetize the list by the last name of the authors. In case the work has neither author nor editor alphabetize the work by the first letter of the title.

While working on your essay try to avoid abbreviations, capitalization, biased and pejorative language, hyphenation, commas, quotation marks and italics.

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