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Animal Farm Essay

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Animal Farm essay, like any other type of analytical writing, is based on some particular work of literature. In this case we are speaking about the novel written by George Orwell, a XX century writer who has modeled most of his protagonists after Russian leaders. The troubles of Russia are depicted ingeniously in the novel about farm animals.

As opposed to the XIX century, writers of the XX century dedicated themselves to anti-utopian novels which placed emphasis on the evils of man. Like other books written during this period, Orwell’s Animal Farm is intended as criticism of the social and political structure of the time.

While working on your paper consider the following:

– the novel is based on the Russian Revolution that took place in 1917;

– in the novel Showball and Napoleon share a great number of similar and dissimilar leadership features that are used to gain other animals;

– George Orwell’s novel is a satire of the Russian Revolution where the introduction is a symbolical political satire;

– in his novel Orwell uses elements of allegory, fable, and satire to show sufferings and brutality in the totalitarian regime.

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