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Analytical essay, also referred to as a research paper, is a type of written assignment that analyzes, examines or interprets something. Here we must differentiate between various kinds of such essays: description, cause and effect, process analysis and literary analysis.

Generally speaking, this type of writing expects the writer to examine his thoughts and to provide his response to the reading he’s done. Thus, to compose an analysis, you’ll have to collect information that is relevant to the argument you are currently studying, including the evidence, the claims and the assumptions. You should also interpret strengths and weaknesses of each side in the debate.

In order to find out the relative merits of every side of the debate, a writer frequently asks a number of questions that determine the quantity and quality of different types of evidence the author could use.

Main Features of Analytical Essay

The focus of your research paper primarily lies on the evidence and assumptions the writer uses to support his argument or claim. However, such essays can often comprise the discussion of hidden arguments or inherent contradictions within the same argument in case the reader finds them to be important for the argument as a whole.

Most frequently your analytical essay has to include the following elements:

  1. the summary of the original pieces (this is a common way to start any analysis paper);
  2. the claim of the writer, his response to the reading he’s done (this claim should be supported by the details of your analysis of the evidence and assumptions used in the argument);
  3. an analysis of the assumptions (it implies your description and evaluation of the implicit and explicit assumptions);
  4. an analysis of hidden arguments;
  5. an analysis of inherent contradictions;
  6. an analysis of evidence;
  7. an analysis of intended audience (by considering the readers to whom your paper is intended, you can learn how to shape your arguments and modify your work).

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