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A level Exam Papers

Preparing your A level exam papers usually involves the following components:

– mental preparation which generally means you know the material. Set up a writing schedule and make sure you give each course an equal amount of time paying a little more attention to the courses you feel awkward about.

– emotional preparation that means that you’ve developed strategies to deal with anxiety. Most often this anxiety is caused by the lack of preparation. It is advisable to work out a plan that would be effective in dealing with problems encountered during your writing. Focus on what you are going to do next in your essay and use positive self-talk.

– physical preparation which implies you should keep your life balanced during the exam time.

When you start working on your A level exam papers make sure you’ve read all the instructions carefully and asked for clarification whenever necessary. Look through the questions and decide which of them will be easier to answer and which will take more time. Decide how you plan to answer the questions and make notes on the steps you are going to take. This will help you find and correct mistakes, and provide you with the ideas how you attempted the approach.

Take time to go over your writing and check your answers. Make sure all the questions have been answered.

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