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A Level Coursework

Accomplishing a properly organized logical A level coursework is a real challenge each student faces in the course of his academic life. To complete it successfully you may take advantage of the tips listed below.

Depending on the subject you will be expected to use humanity or scientific format in writing your paper. The latter may seem confusing because of its rigid structure that differs so much from writing in the humanities.

The majority of papers of this type are divided into the following parts:


Abstract: What are you about to investigate?

Authors and affiliation;

Introduction: Where does the problem lie?

Discussion: What do my findings mean?

Methods: How was the problem solved?

Results: What did you find out?

Acknowledgements: Who helped you accomplish your work?

Literature cited: Whose works did you refer to?

As for the organizational structure of your paper, each main section should begin with a heading which is centered, capitalized, and double spaced from lines above and below. Avoid underlying the section heading or putting colons at the end.

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