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Five Paragraph Term Paper


A classic format for writing is the five paragraph term paper which is a model for every student to keep in mind especially as he begins to develop his composition skills. What follows is a guide which will help you properly organize your essay.

Begin your writing with the introductory paragraph which should include the thesis statement and some outline telling the readers what your paper is about. Its final sentence should move the audience to the body part.

Included in the first body paragraph should be the strongest argument or the most significant example related to the subject of your study. Placed in the first or second sentence should be the topic for this paragraph. The second strongest argument should be introduced in the second body paragraph while the third paragraph usually contains the weakest argument. The final question here should signal that it is the final point made in this paper.

Comprised by the concluding part of your writing should be the following: allusion to the pattern introduced at the very beginning; restatement of the thesis; summary of the main points; and a final statement. Like in persuasive paper, the final statement can be a call to action.

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