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Stunning Thesis Topics

Making the Choice: Determining Good Thesis Topics

Thesis TopicsOne is assigned to write a thesis as a part of the requirements for obtaining a Master’s or PhD degree. Therefore, it is a pretty important paper for a person’s academic career and their future job prospects. The most crucial constituent of a writing endeavor is selecting a topic. Thesis topics are usually given to a researcher by their advisor. It means that one can often choose a topic from the list of possible options.

The Matters to Take Into Consideration before Selecting a Topic

  • Make Sure Your Topic Is Feasible

The important issue is that you can actually conduct a research on a given topic by the specified deadline and come to some practical conclusions.

  • Review the Literature Sources

Before making a final decision, look for the literature sources of information for your research. See whether there is enough relevant data on your topic.

  • Consult with Your Advisor

As you know, you will work in close cooperation with your research advisor. Oftentimes he or she will also be the author of the thesis topics. Therefore, it is wise to ask their opinion regarding which topic to choose.

  • Pick a Subject Which You Are Knowledgeable About

Although it might seem that choosing a tremendously unusual and unresearched topic is bold and challenging, later on you can find yourself in trouble. It is always wiser to decide in favour of a subject that you have at least some expertise in.

  • Try to Find an Interesting  Topic

Admittedly, some thesis topics are more current and important than the others. It is a good idea to select something which will arouse interest of your committee and be a significant contribution to the corresponding subject field.
Thesis Topics

Possible Thesis Topics

Giving a proper thought to each and every topic you consider for your thesis is one step you shouldn’t miss. Below you can examine a list of legitimate thesis topics and study the approach to formulating them. Even by looking at a certain topic, you will be able to decide whether it is fit for you or not.


1.       Using the Geographic Information System (GIS) in Agriculture.

2.       Seasonal food insecurity in Mongolia.

3.       Water consumption of the genetically modified plants.

4.       Pesticides in organic food.

5.       Effects of nuclear power pollution on the agriculture.

6.       Agroforestry approaches to increase the biodiversity of certain habitat.

Business Administration

Thesis Topics1.       Workforce incentives to increase the efficiency of organization.

2.       Different management styles in terms of gender.

3.       Application of project management techniques to improve the employees’ productivity.

4.       The factors which influence buying decisions in developed nations.

5.       Financial analysis of major hotel corporations in USA.

6.       Types of staff training and development (on-the-job training and business games).

Computer Science

1.       Cyber terrorism: study of government strategies to counter ideological extremism and cyber networking in the UK.

2.       Developing a concept for resource allocation planning.

3.       Wireless network: the ways to manage and monitor spectrum usage.

4.       The approaches to power management in data centers.

5.       Predicting blunders in machine learning techniques.

6.       Deep belief networks for phone recognition.

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    please help me with a topic in msc in operation research

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    Are you familiar with the African-American Physics Equation?

    K =FC^2

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    can you please help me thesis topics in Agricultural business

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