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Posted: admin in: Essay Writing Tips
April 23rd, 2010

Martin Luther King essay

Martin Luther King essays should inspire

The name of Martin Luther King is synonymous with the fight for racial justice in America. You could write a Martin Luther King essay that speaks volumes about this great man as a liberator or a person for whom civil rights was a creed. There are so many bits of information that you could collect about this great son of America that it would take a lot of writing skill to summarize all that there is about him, into a short essay. If you are looking for info on King and don’t know where to find it, just call us up and we will guide you on a good topic for your essay and info as well.

Some topics that you could write on

King’s early life. Born in Atlanta, Georgia on the 15th of January 1929, Martin Luther King has had soul-searing experiences of racial prejudice in his early life. He was good student in school and enjoyed reading books and playing a lot of football and baseball. Your essay could focus on his brushes with racism and how they impacted his life forever. He became determined to fight for colored people like himself, without fear and personal greed. It was this love for his fellow countrymen and his great country that led King to become one of the loudest voices of racial equality in the developing world.

King and Gandhi. If there are two people who are known for their contributions to the emancipation of a country and its people, they are Martin Luther King and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. In fact, in one of his early speeches to the nation, Barak Obama mentioned the contributions of these two great souls who strived to unite people, crossing barriers or race, or creed. You could indeed write a series of Martin Luther King essays that compare these two men and the sway they held over their followers. The crowds that followed King and Gandhi did not do so because of some mesmerism or false belief. Instead, they identified with the struggle for basic rights and were confident that these two great men would lead them to a better life. The similarity in the lives of these two leaders extends to their deaths as well. They were both assassinated by men who underestimated their capacity to lead. Call us if you are stuck midway in your essay. We can help you out.

Imagine a situation. You could also write about an imaginary situation. Your Martin Luther King essay could be quite different if you think of picturing King in present day America. You could try to imagine how he would have dealt with America’s problems and whether or not he would have deployed a lot of strategic force in the fight against terrorism. This would be an interesting perspective that you would have to put forward with a lot of dexterity.

Your Martin Luther King essays can be done by our writers who are not only good historians, but also good expressers of the English tongue. We can help you get your facts in order and write a good essay.

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